The importance of Customer Experience in the Logistic industry

Businesses are now built of customers and their experience.

Ranging from on-line, to phone or face-to-face. Those moments of interaction with a customer are arguably the most impactful. Delivering exceptional customer service should be a priority for every business. Here we talk about how this applies to the logistics industry.

The first port of call should be understanding the customer and making sure they understand what you provide in terms of services and meeting their expectations. Of course, like any other business, you shall receive negative feedback from someone down the line. Even if its for something small. But with reflection and consideration there is always a way to gather data.

Methods such as

  • On-line survey systems
  • Your own website or app
  • Phone
  • Chat-bot
  • Social media

There are many checklists available for improving customer service. One checklist particularly relevant to the logistics industry was written by Tim Griffin, in Inbound Logistics magazine. Some of the tips that he mentions include:

Act on results from the customer surveys. Create training and development for process improvements if needed. Ensure that everyone in the organization is committed to customer service.

Use technology to simplify the customer’s experience. A centralized portal will provide transparency across the entire order process.

Be available and accessible. You are in the best position to address any customer concerns regarding your business. Commit to finding answers.

Remember the mantra that the customer is always right. Some customers may be difficult. The best way to handle them is to become skilled at adapting to different personalities.

Earn and safeguard your customer’s trust. Always keep your word.

In view of the intense competition, the bar set by the customers, in terms of the standard of quality of service or product, is high. Regardless of the business segment, it is imperative to keep customers satisfied. That is why in current times, customer service within logistics has become important for freight forwarders around the world.

In the logistics industry, good customer service will improve your brand’s exposure in the market due to positive reviews left by clients that are happy about your business. This will also improve the company image (very important), attract more customers, and lead to increased sales and profit growth.=

However, bad customer service will make unsatisfied clients give negative reviews. Such complaints don’t only focus on the product delivered but may also revolve around the type of customer support people received.

By improving your customer service, you may avoid both types of negative feedback. First, there will be nothing to complain about when it comes to customer support. Secondly, good customer service can sometimes help appease clients when the product is not up to the required standard.