Following the launch of Everything Fulfilment, we are excited and thrilled to know not only being able to supply you with thousands of promotional products from EverythingBranded, but to also fulfil your requests whether it’s one or one million pens.

Now, you can be forgiven for asking what fulfilment is and what does it mean/do?
Well, fulfilment is the process of products being packed upon being ordered and as we have a fulfilment centre within our company, we can prepare the item and ship it for you – make your job a whole lot easier. As a fulfilment service, this is a great option for anyone who can’t ship manually anymore or doesn’t want to deal with the stress of having multiple orders.

How does it work?

Fulfilment works in a unique structured way as any parcel delivery service.
There are three ways this can happen:

You sell a product from a drop shipper who will fulfil orders for you.

You fulfil your own orders, either independently or with a team.

You work with a logistics company that will handle your warehousing and fulfilment.

There are obvious benefits to packing and shipping your own orders such as the flexibility and cost. For these reasons, businesses that are just starting out, and businesses that have unique product packaging needs, often handle their own logistics.

However if your business is growing at a speed quicker than Ronaldo, than you may want to explore the possibility of using a third-party warehousing and fulfilment service. If storage boxes are filling up your company, or if your desk is now a make-shift storage unit, then maybe a fulfilment service is for you.

The difference between a standard warehouse and fulfilment is that warehousing is the storage of items which companies may hire space from, but still handle their own fulfilment service. This could therefore mean further costs but helpful in the short-term.

If you run an E-commerce business and have a constant flow of stock but a drip-feed of purchased items, then a fulfilment service is ideal for you as you don’t have to deal with shipping and the selected fee’s you pay every time an order is placed. The only worry you would have providing a fulfilment service is used, is the inventory within storage!

Warehouse storage is something which businesses would need to consider, providing they ship themselves with stock potentially sitting on your desk. Again, a problem which can be avoided.

Although fulfilment may not be for everyone, it is an easier and more organised option. From paper to pallets, we offer a wide variety of fulfilment services such as Print fulfilment which is the process of storing, gathering, and packaging printed marketing and sales materials such as leaflets, business cards and catalogues.

The main talking point is costing, depending on the size of your inventory as well as the Fulfilment services typically charge by the hour or per unit/pallet. Providers add up costs for receiving, storage, pick and pack, shipping, kitting, or bundling, returns, custom packaging, gift services, and setup. They then apply transactional (e.g., receiving, shipping) and recurring (e.g., storage) fees.

So there we have it, Fulfilment services broken down to you and how they can work for you and your business. If you have any questions or observations then please get in touch with ourselves at
Email us on: or speak to us in person on 0116 2985442.