Fulfilment ‘Did you know’ Facts

Did you know?

Now we all know that you love a fact, whether that be fun or factual such as all walkers crisps’ use-by date is always a Saturday, or that Adolf Hitlers wife was the first person to capture images of Iceland in colour.

But there are some facts about Fulfilment services that you may have not known. With the COVID-19 Pandemic shaping and breaking businesses and brands, consumers have shifted the way they spend and how they part with their cash.

The UK now has the most advanced e-commerce market in Europe, and e-commerce revenue in 2018 amounted to £688.4 billion.

Ever since Amazon and other online retailers introduced the world to ecommerce in the early 2000s, there has been a dramatic shift in customer expectations and behaviours. Though some of these shifts may seem insignificant, taken together, all these changing expectations and behaviours have had a significant impact on the way many order fulfilment operations do business, creating a feedback loop encouraging even more business to be done online.

In the UK, 43% of H1 2020 take-up can be attributed to online retailers, with Amazon alone accounting for 36% of the total.

By 2025, the number of packages delivered around the world is expected to climb to 200 billion, up from fewer than 90 billion in 2018.

Germany has overtaken the UK as the most active market, exceeding €3bn during H1 2020 and marking a 12% increase against the same period in 2019. The UK (€2.8bn) and France (€2.1bn) completed the top three.


38% of online shoppers will abandon their order if the delivery will take longer than a week. This compares to 16% who will abandon their order if delivery takes 6-7 days, 15% who will abandon their order if delivery will take 4-5 days, and just 8% who will abandon their order if delivery will day 3 days or fewer.

Nearly a quarter (24%) of online shoppers would abandon their order if no delivery date was provided.

38 percent of shoppers will never shop with a retailer again if they had a poor delivery experience,

74% of e-commerce shoppers abandoned a cart because of high delivery costs. (Econsultancy)

94% of online shoppers have taken some type of action to qualify for free shipping. (EfulfillmentService)

It’s a monster! The vast building at Tilbury, Essex is Amazon’s largest fulfilment centre (FC) in the UK – 2 million sq. ft – the size of 28 football pitches.

The Tilbury depot is named LCY2 after London City Airport – all Amazon fulfilment centres are named after the closest airport.